Watkinsville Art Gallery

Ali Ball

I'm Ali Ball; I am a 17-year-old self-taught artist from Athens Georgia. I paint surrealistic portraits, heavily influenced from the works of Leilani Joy, Tim Burton, & Disney's animated films. I fell in love with art when I was young and began drawing at the age of 10. This summer I will be attending the Savannah College of Art and Design art program for a second year in a row. Art is my passion I hope to make it my career in the future.

Heidi Hensley

I am a bold,funky, fun, architectural and landscape artist hailing from Athens Georgia. I graduated from the University of Georgia in Architectural Design and found that I gained more inspiration and energy in the way I wanted to "see" architecture as opposed to the meticulous straight lines, geometric symmetry, and exact measurements required in "creating" architecture (well architecture that we want to be safe and functional)! Being a mom of three small children, I find inspiration in the whimsical. I like to paint on canvas, wood panel, or directly on walls on a large scale, and love to mix three dimensional elements to my art.